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    If you want a rousing endorsement of Berlin, Maryland’s many tourism attractions and assets, just ask Mayor Gee Williams. The Mayor is one of his town’s strongest cheerleaders. Gee, as he is affectionately known to residents of this historic Eastern Shore village, has taken an active part in experiencing, enjoying and promoting all of the many activities available to visitors as well as the residents of Berlin.

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    Mayor Williams recently expressed a desire to spread the good news of Berlin’s green program, its cultural and environmental growth and development, its current economic endeavors with new shops, services and galleries. New visitor programs with weekend getaways, great rates and seasonal packages are all part of the Mayor’s plan for Berlin. This photo is from the Annual Fiddler's Convention that takes place every fall.

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    No longer just a community in close proximity to the seaside resort of Ocean City, MD, Berlin is an historical and cultural destination with an identity all its own. One of the newest changes you’ll notice about Berlin is that it has embraced the idea of “going green.”

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    The business community is a strong partner with local environmental organizations through the encouragement of the Mayor and Town Council. Berlin has added several attractive rain barrels in the historic district, some new rain gardens and has just started adding even more trees to the downtown area through a “green canopy” initiative.

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    The downtown merchants have also partnered with the town to start Berlin’s first commercial recycling program.

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    With parks promoting fitness, outdoor activity for children and adults’ participation, Berlin is a safe environment in which to play, exercise, stroll or just relax and picnic, The town has given its residents and visitors something not available in every location. With annually scheduled runs, competitions and marathons, the town is fitness-friendly.

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    Shown at Stephen Decatur Park, Mayor Williams works to stay in shape with fitness expert, Lisa Long of Live Long Fitness. Every morning, Lisa can be seen leading a group of dedicated individuals for a run through lovely natural environments such as The Stephen Decatur Park, Assateague National Seashore or next to the ocean’s waves on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

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    Kayaking, canoeing, hiking, biking, along with outdoor adventures such as Full Moon Paddling, Wetlands Discoveries, and Saltwater Marsh Explorations are only part of the many offerings of our unique coastal environment.

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    The Mayor and Mrs. Williams are shown with Suzie & Steve Taylor, owners/operators of the new Ayers Creek Adventures at the headwaters of Ayers Creek, less than 4 miles east of Berlin. Always ready for new adventures and discoveries, Mayor Williams delights in sharing his hometown’s many attractions with visitors.

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    Berlin’s biking trails from Pocomoke City and Snow Hill are extremely popular with all levels of bikers and the scenery is pristine and unencumbered.

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    Water sports of every nature are available through the coastal bays and backwaters of creeks and marshes.

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    Fishing, crabbing, clamming as well as observing the ecology, history and wildlife of this unique eco-system is all part of the mystery and discovery of our community.

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    Music has become an integral part of Berlin’s character and cultural growth. Street fairs, art strolls, festivals, musical competitions are all filled with individual entertainers, street musicians, live bands, blues groups, jazz bands and classical performances by traveling international students. And, Mayor Williams can’t resist a good jam session.

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    Shown downtown during one of Berlin’s many Second Friday’s Art Strolls, the Mayor enjoys a random opportunity to join one of the local blues groups.

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    Part of the charm and surprise of Berlin are the casual street festivals, boutique shops and galleries where you can discover a treasure, or browse away a sunny afternoon enjoying the atmosphere and versatility.

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    Not only do the many antique establishments in Berlin take great pride in showcasing their treasures but owners of private residences along Berlin’s main thoroughfare have furnished their National Historic Trust homes with authentic antiques of their particular period.

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    Berlin’s only hotel, The Atlantic Hotel, is completely furnished in period antiques circa 1895, the time when the hotel was built. During the 1988 initial restoration, the hotel was completely refurbished with quality fixtures and antiques all of which were secured on the Eastern Shore. It is said to have the largest collection of antiques on the Shore.

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    For many years, Berlin has valued a solid reputation for their antique shops and the quality of their contents. Antiquing is an extremely important element in Berlin’s economic success story. Mayor & Mrs. Williams is shown visiting one of Berlin’s many antique collections at Stuarts’ Antiques. Shop owner, Toni Stuart is showing the Mayor a collection of oyster plates, one of which was the property of President Rutherford Hayes and is authenticated with photographs and information regarding this particular piece in a book about those specific White House years.

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    Berlin’s art community consists of many facets of creation. Its galleries display and exhibit many art forms. Artists’ studios exhibit a variety of mediums and styles, glass blowing demonstrations feature customized art forms and gifts, and The Worcester County Art Council’s headquarters and gallery anchor Berlin’s active Arts and Entertainment District. Plein Air events have experienced great success in Berlin with strong interest for the coming years.

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    Mayor Williams is shown in conversation with a member of the Art Council during an outdoor session in front of the Atlantic Hotel.

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    Always interested and involved, the Mayor is receiving some direction from one of the League members regarding a new watercolor technique.

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    At a recent reception at Water’s Edge Gallery, owner, Gail Lewis, has selected a Kevin Fitzgerald original for the Mayor’s consideration. She is shown with the Mayor as she explains the details of the portrait. Kevin Fitzgerald, in conjunction with The Water’s Edge Gallery are planning 3-day outdoor painting study programs.

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    Vitally important to Maryland’s Eastern Shore community is the farming and many of the new organic farms which have contributed greatly to our healthy life style. The Berlin Farmer’s Market is an exciting part of the town’s summer season and is regularly visited by local chefs from Ocean City and Berlin as well as the many residents from West Ocean City, Ocean Pines, and Berlin’s surrounding communities. Fruits, vegetables, fresh herbs, flowers, baked goods, local seafood and meats are available for sale.

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    Many times Eastern Shore recipes are available from one or more vendors when selling a particular vegetable or herb. The Atlantic Hotel’s chef, Leo Daleo, is a regular every week arriving early to choose from an array of fresh items for the hotel’s varied menus and dining room specials. Chef Leo is shown surrounded by stands of fresh vegetables and flowers

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    Selecting some green lima beans, corn and a variety of fresh herbs, the Chef is shown with Mayor Williams and Mrs. Williams in The Atlantic’s kitchen as he explains his “finds”of the day at the farmer’s market.

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    For the Williams’ dinner that evening, Chef Leo pairs bay scallops with a combination cream sauce, micro greens and succotash over polenta for the evening’s appetizer paired with a crisp California Napa Sauvignon Blanc.

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    Mayor Williams is shown with the late Master Photographer, Rick Maloof, capturing the historic Calvin B. Taylor Museum in Berlin. The Mayor’s passion for all things “Berlin” is shared by so many residents and visitors. Discovering a small, pristine historic village in today’s high tech environment is a dream come true for so many visitors. It is a step back in time but with all the modern conveniences.

  • Atlantic Hotel During the Holidays

    Each year when November rolls around, the tiny Village of Berlin begins preparations for the traditional celebration of its Victorian Christmas month-long event. From Thanksgiving weekend to New Year’s Day, the events surrounding the beautiful season of Christmas comes alive at every turn. Shops windows fill with whimsical fantasies, pine wreaths appear on all the lamp posts and doors, horse and carriage rides thrill children as well as “grown-up” children. A huge Christmas Tree in front of The historic Atlantic Hotel is lighted the night after Thanksgiving. A Holiday Art Stroll kicks off the season’s activities that evening with galleries, shops, artisans and musicians.

    Atlantic Hotel During the Holidays
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    The first week of December is alive with excitement as the famous Berlin Christmas Parade fills the streets delighting children, parents and grandparents with the arrival of Santa. An annual Dickens Dinner is held to commemorate the famous Christmas story complete with beautiful holiday music by The Montebello Strings.

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    Continuing throughout the month are Victorian Teas, Breakfast and Visits with Santa, a Blacksmith at work and a Glassblower creating lovely Christmas ornaments, gift shopping at celebrated galleries, boutique shops, a coffee house, antique shops, and an honest-to-goodness bakery with homemade goodies. One-of--a- kind hotels such as The Atlantic Hotel (circa 1895), Merry Sherwood Plantation (circa 1859 ) and the Holland House B&B all provide a memorable and pleasurable guest experience. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner can be enjoyed at your choice of restaurants in Berlin.

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    December is a magical time for sharing and Berlin invites you to consider visiting and staying with us. Our New Year’s Celebration will begin at 11 pm on December 31 with our second Ball Drop scheduled for midnight. Come Celebrate the Seasons with us!

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